Unique Insights into Senior Care in Chicago from Primary Caregivers

Taking care of elderly loved ones can be tough work. Recently, two primary caregivers gave their insights into the challenges of senior care from their unique, firsthand perspectives: Continue reading


Employees May Seek Cook County Elder Care Benefits from Employers

As the United States’ population ages, eldercare issues are put on the spotlight. A recent Forbes article discusses the subject of eldercare in relation to work issues and highlights the growing acceptance of employers providing employees with elder care benefits. Continue reading

Chicago Home Health Care to Play Bigger Role as Alzheimer’s Cases Rise

For Barbara Smith, popularly known as B. Smith, the past several decades went swimmingly indeed.

Dubbed the “Black Martha Stewart,” B. Smith became a household name in lifestyle. She had crafted furnishings for Bed Bath & Beyond in 2001, but not before hosting her lifestyle TV show two years earlier. She also opened her restaurant chain in 1986, also named B. Smith, of which only two New York branches remain open. Continue reading