Chicago Home Health Care to Play Bigger Role as Alzheimer’s Cases Rise

For Barbara Smith, popularly known as B. Smith, the past several decades went swimmingly indeed.

Dubbed the “Black Martha Stewart,” B. Smith became a household name in lifestyle. She had crafted furnishings for Bed Bath & Beyond in 2001, but not before hosting her lifestyle TV show two years earlier. She also opened her restaurant chain in 1986, also named B. Smith, of which only two New York branches remain open.

Now, she fears losing memories of her wonderful achievements, among precious others, due to Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking with CBS’s Jonathan Lapook, the 64-year-old lifestyle icon described her condition as “bad” and “sad.” However, she’s not fighting this battle alone as her husband will be with her every step of the way.

“Asked what her Alzheimer’s diagnosis meant to her, B. said, “It meant something bad — really bad to me.”




When B. spoke with CBS News, she could not recall the date, month or year.


“Things like that make me very sad,” she said.”

Others aren’t so lucky to have friends and family close by. The latest annual report from the Alzheimer’s Association reports that one in four people with at least one form of dementia lives alone. In Illinois alone, there are an estimated 210,000 senior citizens—most of them ages 75 and above—diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. This figure, along with Ohio, is among the highest in the Midwest.

Chicago Home Health Care to Play Bigger Role as Alzheimer's Cases Rise

Living home alone with Alzheimer’s is next to impossible. In such a state, it’s easy to forget to take medications, look after one’s finances, attend community gatherings, and remember names of visitors, even family or friends. People with Alzheimer’s must, therefore, seek help from Chicago home health care providers such as Comfort Keepers of Chicagoland Area, IL.

These providers are equipped with state-of-the-art personal emergency response systems that can send out distress signals at a moment’s notice. As these components are connected to a command center that’s operating 24/7, decisive action can be taken even when everyone around the patient is asleep.

With the number of Alzheimer’s diagnoses on the rise, Chicago, IL home health care services will be more important than ever. Aside from knowledge of the latest in rapid response technology, staff from these providers are also trained to support Alzheimer’s sufferers, both medically and socially. Clearly, there’s no reason for a retiree to fight this disease alone.

(Source: “Restaurateur, former model, B. Smith reveals Alzheimer’s battle,” CBS News, June 5, 2014)