Employees May Seek Cook County Elder Care Benefits from Employers

As the United States’ population ages, eldercare issues are put on the spotlight. A recent Forbes article discusses the subject of eldercare in relation to work issues and highlights the growing acceptance of employers providing employees with elder care benefits.

The article cites several statistics, including a 12 percent increase in the number of employers who report that they offer help in finding eldercare information and resources, up from 31 percent in 2008. Additionally, 41 percent of employers now provide employees with the ability to set aside money from each paycheck to pay for eldercare expenses—a much greater figure than the mere 23 percent who did in 2008.

Employees May Seek Cook County Elder Care Benefits from Employers

Advantages of Providing Elder Care Benefits

The growing number of organizations giving eldercare benefits can be attributed to the better understanding employers have of the impact caregiving can have on individuals in their workforce.

A study conducted in 2008 found that 81 percent of caregivers routinely used a portion of their workday to arrange for care or check in on their loved ones. Further, 70 percent said that they needed to take days off in order to fulfill their caregiving duties, while 64 percent arrived late or left work early for the same purpose.

Without assistance on eldercare issues, employees showed up to work stressed and distracted, drastically reducing their productivity. With a lot more workers now having to take care of aging parents, leaving the eldercare issue untouched can add up to massive losses for employers.

Negotiating for Elder Care Benefits

Illinois employees in need of Cook County elder care benefits should take the initiative to start a dialogue with their employers about it. Encouraging other employees with similar circumstances to support your efforts can help build your case and make the topic of eldercare less of a personal issue and a corporate-culture-related one instead.

Working with other employees on the matter can also help you identify obstacles unique to your organization that can be overcome once employers provide eldercare benefits. This also makes it easier for corporate decision makers to come to a conclusion on the matter based on practical, rather than emotional, issues.

Regardless, emotional issues should not be left out. As the Forbes article notes, the leadership of many organizations today tend to be older or have eldercare issues they also need taken care of, which may make them more accepting of providing eldercare benefits.

Additionally, workers seeking elder care benefits can turn to Cook County senior services companies, like Comfort Keepers of Chicagoland Area, IL, to help them gain a deeper insight into the issue. Many are also well acquainted with the financial impact of eldercare and can help advise companies accordingly.

(Source: The Good News About Elder Care Benefits At Work, Forbes, May 21, 2014)