Why Trustworthy Chicago Home Care Services are Better for Dementia Patients

Contrary to popular belief, dementia itself is not a specific disease, but rather an overall term that describes a collection of symptoms linked to gradual decline in intellectual ability. These can include impaired memory, thinking skills, behavior, and other adverse medical conditions. Alzheimer’s disease is a common ailment under the broad dementia umbrella, which is often associated with old age.

caring for a dementia patient at home

There are a handful of ways to care for elderly dementia patients, but one of such methods is probably the most preferred: in-home medical care. As senior citizen care site ElderBranch.com writer Peyton Bowman notes, “For dementia patients, the home may be the ideal location for care: it’s familiar, comforting, and their own families or close friends can be intimately involved in their care.”

If skillfully (and ideally, professionally) administered by qualified parties like Chicago home care providers, in-home medical attention has its own set of perks for both the dementia patient/s and the immediate family.

Numerous studies have shown that in-home care for dementia patients contribute to the latter’s continued independence, which in turn also leads to a longer life. This is mainly attributed to the patient staying around familiar surroundings, which effectively lowers stress levels. Patients who are removed from these familiar environments often experience additional confusion and alienation, resulting in a lack of ability to easily follow and retain the instructions in their treatment plan.

Caring for a dementia-stricken family member can be incredibly difficult without adequate assistance. However, it can also bring forth emotional pain when the ill loved one is placed in a specialized care facility. The aforementioned method separates family members and makes it harder to conduct regular visits, but not with dependable Chicago home care. In-home care can help with the struggles of attending to the patient’s daily needs while also keeping close-knit families together.

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, in-home care services offered by the likes of Comfort Keepers of Chicagoland Area, IL also tend to be less expensive than others. In fact, the cost differences often greatly differ– finding an affordable residential facility that also provides high quality service can be a rather trying task.

While it’s true that caring for elderly dementia patients can be quite a task, the toughness of fulfilling its related duties need not be tough enough to break families apart. Professional help is readily available to make the job much smoother.


(Source: Caring for a Dementia Patient at Home, ElderBranch.com, March 22, 2013)


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