Home Care in Chicago Ease Burden of Caring for Elderly Loved Ones

Taking care of an elderly mother or father is never an easy job. Besides the physical burden the task puts on a family caregiver, the emotional toll of watching your loved one age and waste away can be difficult to deal with, at best.

However, on the positive side, being a family caregiver can also be immensely rewarding. By caring for an elderly loved one, you return the care and affection you received from them when you were younger, resulting in strengthened emotional ties. Additionally, the pride you get when you see how much your loved one appreciates your time and attention can also leave you feeling gratified. 

The Family Caregiver

Such contradictory realties are a fact of life for family caregivers everywhere, and were the subject of a recent article on ThurstonTalk.com, which provided a long list of such contradictions. These include:

  • Grateful for the time spent together and resentful of no time to be and do for oneself.
  • Finally getting out of the house only to use the time for personal doctor appointments and to pick up stuff for the loved one.
  • Finding time and support to get out only to realize there is nowhere to go because you’d really like to just be home and with yourself relaxing somehow.
  • Being needed and preferred by the loved one and smothered by the realization you are seemingly indispensable.
  • Providing better and more considerate care to the loved one than to self.
  • Accepting praise for the service at the same time you feel that it can’t be understood just how hard the life is as family caregiver.
  • Wanting it all to end. Wanting it to never end.

The contradictions experienced by family caregivers highlight the fact that, when caring for an elderly loved one, getting some kind of support is absolutely essential. Such support can come in the form of a caregiver support group, or from a trusted Chicago home care service.

Joining a caregiver support group is an excellent way of obtaining passive support. In such a group, members are given an outlet to voice their grievances and concerns, and receive comfort from other members. On the other hand, home care services play a more active role in easing the burden on a family caregiver’s shoulders.

Loving home care in Chicago allows family caregivers time for themselves so that they can attend to their own needs without having to worry about the wellbeing of their loved one. Companies like Comfort Keepers of Chicagoland Area, IL provide highly skilled and professional caregivers that family members can trust to take care of their loved ones, and be caring companions to them.

(Source: The Family Caregiver: Best Job Never?, ThurstonTalk.com, August 23, 2014)


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