Chicago Home Health Care for Seniors with Dementia and Heart Disease

Compared to individuals without cognitive impairment, dementia patients are more likely to receive a pacemaker prescription. That’s according to a study recently published in JAMA: Internal Medicine. The retrospective analysis of information on the National Alzheimer Coordinating Center Uniform Data Set provides the foundation of the report. Writing for Medscape, Steve Stiles, seasoned reporter on cardiovascular medicine, has more on the story:

“What we found was a little counter to what we might have normally anticipated,” given perceptions that patients with serious cognitive disability are often treated less aggressively, lead author Dr Nicole R Fowler (Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis) told heartwire. She conducted the research while at the University of Pittsburgh, PA.


One possible explanation, she speculated, may be that patients with dementia are more likely to seek medical care in general—and more involvement with clinicians can itself increase the amount of delivered therapy of any kind.


It may also be true that clinicians themselves are more likely to recommend devices for patients with dementia than others.

“If they sense that the patient is not able to give them a full and accurate report of their symptoms and history, they may feel more comfortable inserting a device.”

Fowler cites that another possible reason for the trend involves the dependence of these patients to their caregivers. Since their children or other responsible relatives usually decide for them, seniors with dementia have no say in medical decisions. In those cases, the caregivers may be inclined to be more aggressive in the elderly’s health care.

Chicago Home Health Care for Seniors with Dementia and Heart Disease

When seniors with dementia have special conditions like heart disease, requiring a pacemaker implant, they need home health care in Chicago to carefully address their individual personal needs. As the one responsible for your elderly mom or dad’s care, you should consider this option to keep them safe and comfortable at home. A professional caregiver can assist your parent in performing essential daily activities.

You can also provide your senior parent with around-the-clock home health care in Chicago, IL, especially if you can’t be at home to be a full-time caregiver. A recognized home care provider like Comfort Keepers of Chicagoland Area, IL has qualified professionals that specialize in in-home care and companionship for seniors with cognitive deficit. You can rely on these trained caregivers to assist your elderly parent with his/her needs, such as medication adherence, home safety, etc.

(Source: Dementia May Spur Pacemaker-Implant Recommendations, Medscape, July 28, 2014)


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